Angel with ChildWelcome to a site of support and healing for parents and caregivers of children who have been abused. This site was developed during one of the long nights, staying up late after after finally getting my traumatized child to sleep. I searched the web, looking for information or support for parents like me. Wondering if I was the only parent up past 1 am drinking cappucino to calm my nerves, even this late, because what I had heard from my child was so disturbing that I knew I would never sleep the same way again. I found few sources that offered support or advise for parents of abused children. So I decided to start my own site–to give support, so we parents can better help our children while also being the strength, the advocate they need.

This site is also to offer hope and encouragement for parents and caregives living through the worst experience imaginable–the abuse of your child. As parents, we are in a critical position to foster healing in our children, and in our families, to put an end to the cycle of abuse. I hope to encourage all of you on your journey to empowerment. I applaud your efforts to rebuild better lives for you and your families.


Blessings,   “EJ”