Pediatric Advisor 2006.2: Parenting a Sexually Abused Child

Summary: Parenting a child who has been sexually abused can present difficult challenges. Children who have been sexually abused often develop symptoms that can be frustrating for the family.

It is important for parents not to see their child’s symptomatic behavior as being purposefully bad or naughty. These symptoms are often reactions to the trauma of being sexually abused. Try to separate your feelings for your child from your reactions to the child’s behavior. You can let your child know that some of the things he does are not OK but that you still love him….

Written by Lawrence R. Ricci, M.D.

Parenting a Sexually Abused Child is an article that discusses the symptoms of sexual abuse and includes tips for parents on how to deal with the behaviors a child may display after being traumatized by sexual abuse. Also includes insights on why children act out in certain ways.