Coordinated Community Response for Sexual Assault (CCR), Dane County Wisconsin

Parenting The Young Sexually Abused Child

Parenting The Young Sexually Abused Child is an online manual to offer help after a child has disclosed incest or extrafamilial sexual abuse. It includes five chapters about the normal sexual development of children, indicators of sexual abuse, disclosure (under the chapter “Believing the Child”), helping the child cope, and resources.

Specific parenting issues such as nightmares, fears, responseses to family and friends, and stages of accepting sexual abuse are also discussed.

Another parenting issue CCR discussess is future contact with the perpetrator and making promises of safety to the abused child, “A word of CAUTION: if you cannot protect your child from future contacts with the perpetrator, such as often occurs in disputed incest and custody cases, do not give false reassurances. Failure to keep promises of protection will contribute to your child’s feelings of helplessness. Another way of providing reassurance is to be available to talk when it appears as though your child may need it the most, for example, prior to stressful transitions such as change in day care or at bedtime.” HELPFUL and HARMFUL REACTIONS TO DISCLOSURE OF SEXUAL ABUSE, CCR.

I highly recommend this manual as a valuable source of information and support for both the parent/caregiver and the child.

The CCR page also Includes an Excerpt from:

From NO MORE SECRETS: Protecting Your Child from Sexual Assault,  by Caren Adams and Jennifer Fay, copyright 1981.

*Safety and precaution tips for your child

*Advise on how to help a child recover after an assault has occured

*Advise on how to strengthen family and community to support victims of assault