I am including a short review about Out of Eden because their music is designed to be a ministry to those in need, particularly youth. Many of the songs of Out of Eden discuss painful subjects such as abuse, teenage pregnancy, runaways and hopelessness with a positive, and powerful message that despite any struggle, you can change your life for the better ()-:)

Out of Eden: A Short Bio

A positive, inspiring voice in Christian R&B music, Out of Eden is an original blend of soulful lyrics and dance beats. Out of Eden have also performed an album, Hymns, of Gospel music which reflects their early church upbringing.  The music of Out of Eden is both a fun, spirited celebration of their Christian faith and a thoughtful, often provocative look at the struggles many youth face. Each song is infused with a positive message of hope, redemption and God’s unconditional love.Out of Eden’s members are three sisters: Danielle Kimmey, Lisa Kimmey Bragg and Andrea Baca. The sisters grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Their mother is a classical pianist who relied upon her daughters as a support act when she performed on stage. The sisters were also influenced by R&B acts such as En Vouge and TLC. Their first album, Lovin’ the Day, was released in 1994. At the time, Danielle Kimmey was just 12 years old and the youngest Christian artist to be signed. In 2006, Out of Eden announced their retirement with nearly one and a half million records sold, and more importantly–having reached an untold number in their ministry through music and outreach projects

Out of Eden: Three Songs of Ministry

“You’re fourteen, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you
What’s that twenty year old man got to do with you…
I wish-I made a better life for you
I wish-there was someone you could look up to

Hoping that one day soon you’ll see
All you’re meant to be
Come to know the things that are true
And live the life that’s meant for you..”

Out Of Eden – I know Lyrics for Song

I Know” from the album Love, Peace and Happiness (2004) is inspired by a letter written to Out of Eden from a 14 year old fan, who grew up in a Christian home, and was pregnant for the third time. The letter was about the girl’s search for acceptance, and understanding that God loved her unconditionally. (Source: Christian Music Today, February 2004).

“Do you hear me, can you see me
Walking down the street needing you
I want to make it, how do I get there
If you show me that you cared, you know
You could make a difference..”

“Sarah Jane” from the album No Turning Back (1999) deals with the plight of children who find themselves on the streets (runaways, pregnant teens, abused children, children in gangs, etc.) whose cries for help often go ignored, and then are further victimized and exploited because they are vulnerable, and seeking security and often end up in worse situations. “Sarah Jane” gives a name and a voice to children living on the streets but also is a message for adults to speak up, and help a child in need. Is a message to seek help at the first sign that a child is in trouble, to stop the cycle of violence that inevitably draws a child onto the streets.

Out Of Eden Lyrics – Sarah Jane

“The One who made
the stars and sun

gave meaning to my life
It’s my choice and I will decide,

I won’t let you destroy my pride
I’m no showpiece for you to hide,

and lose all that I am inside
God made me and I’m beautiful..”

“Showpiece”  from the album This is Your Life (2002) is a song with a message to young girls that their beauty and self worth is defined by their own deffinition–not by standards set by society or anyone else. Showpiece encourages girls to stand strong against pressure that “seems a shame to me I’ve been reduced to an object of lust and hate”, emphasizing that it’s your choice to set your own boundaries and what is right for you. Showpiece also sends a clear message that God made each person beautiful, and advises to set standards much Higher than “a Bentley or your diamond ring” but instead seek a relationship with God as the focus of your life



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