My Daughter, My Princess

My daughter you are a

True princess

The way you twirl toilet paper

Around your waist

The way you clop around

In my heels

Swinging your Big Bird purse

On one chubby arm.

My daughter,

Your struggles

Are not fought alone

For I love you,


The nights you tumble

Into my bed

Chased by nightmares

I hold you close

And promise to protect you

Though the only promise

I can make is the time

You are in my arms.

My daughter, you alone

Found the courage

In a babyish lisp you repeated

All the names you were called

Your chubby hands snapped the crayons in half,

Then threw them across the room

A crumpled picture of “daddy” washed in tears.

My daughter, you have forever lost

The enchantment of

Your first years of life

Torn between love for “daddy”

And fear of what he did.

My daughter, you are

A true princess.

I believe in something

More precious than Fairy tales

I believe in you.

EJ ©2005

Ariel is my daughter’s favorite princess