Author:  Cheryl Barnes
A Parent’s Guide to the “System” is a free online article discussing a parent’s rights when a child is placed out of home by a government agency or a parent is involved in an investigation by a government agency. It includes basic information on court proceedings, the rights of a parent and how to exercise those rights and advice on how to protect your child from abuse while in state care.
Much of the advise presented  is useful in many areas of involved by government or court officials. For example, under the heading “Demand a Copy of the Search Warrant” this could apply to dealing with Child Protective Services as easily as communicating with a guardian ad litem (emphasis on the language, not the search warrant):”Don’t be intimidated. Keep a proper perspective of the situation; you are willing to cooperate within the law.  The law dictates that a search warrant is required before entering a private home.  Your position should be:

I do want to cooperate.

I do not want to ignore proper procedure.

Why would you want to circumvent clearly established laws and procedures? 

I found the advice in this article to be very helpful 🙂


To be fair I am offering more info about Suzanne Shell. From what I have seen on the web, Suzanne Shell is a highly determined, and controversial, family advocate, author and attorney fighting for parent’s rights and speaking out against injustice in the system. If there is a balanced counter view, I will post a link. However, I am asking for respect in the position you take–personall attacks and obscenties will not be tolerated.
Suzanne, feel free to leave a statement or any info about yourself or American Family Advocacy Center if you like.

More Info on Suzanne Shell:

Profane Justice (Suzanne’s site offers information on Family Rights, Information on Training Seminars, Letter and Advice to Foster Children and much more..)

Wikipedia- Suzanne Shell

“Children of the State” by Mark Stout and Gail M. Armstrong, for “Freedom Magazine”. An article about parents whose rights were violated by the corruption of the (family services/human services, CPS) system that traumatizes children by unfairly taking them out of homes, with commentary by Suzanne Shell.