Seeking a spiritual connection
Seeking a harassment order.

I want to hold you forever
I’m gonna hurt you.

I’m not sure I want things to slow down
I’m not sure I want to spend another minute with you.

You’re my inspiration
You’re a bitch.

A life together, in love forever.
A criminal past.

You have made me a better person
You are so unappreciative.

I will cherish our togetherness in spirit
I will take the kids from you,
By making up stories…you are crazy

Your a great mom with much to offer,
I’m fortunate, the children are fortunate…
You’re a piece of work,
Who would want you now?

You’re my past, present and future
You’re going to feel pain, just the way I did.

I have cleaned up the broken glass
The books torn from the shelf,
and thrown at me
The dishes smashed on the floor,
(We will never have a matching set)
Wiped tears from trembling faces
With the last of my strength,
I will walk away from the mess
I will rise from the ruins
Of “our togetherness in spirit”
And keep my hands up,
To grasp at the sky
The wind moving between my fingers
A new sensation—free.

EJ, ©2006

Some of the lines from the beginning of this poem were taken from things my abuser said to me, and later the things he did.
In this poem, I want to show the progression of abuse..the charm and manipulation,and then the violence and breaking free…