I  made the mistake of bring my kids to Where the Wild Things Are, it was the WORST movie experience of my life! Spike Jonze should be ashamed of directing this movie, which is not kid friendly!!   My son actually begged to leave the movie before it ended, and all of us came out feeling depressed. I ended up spending more money, than the cost of the actual ticket, doing things to cheer my kids up—and make them forget the movie! My recommendation—STAY AWAY!!!

Where the Wild Things Are is a really depressing movie that is filmed mostly outdoors in Australia and in a gray-violet lens, and the budget looks like they spent only $100 with the cheap costumes, that became dirtier with each passing scene. I was seriously tempted to throw Max’s costume in the washing machine after 15 minutes of this movie!

The soundtrack for this movie was also terrible, most of the songs sounded like something out of a 1960’s commune and were equally as depressing. I really can’t think of anything I liked about this movie, and the only reason my daughter wanted to stay was because she enjoys torturing her brother. In fact, my son and I begged my daughter to leave then resorted to bribing her so she would agree to get out the door!!! When I promised my daughter she could have ice-cream and cereal for supper, she finally relented and agreed to go.

Where the Wild Things Are is a story about a little boy named Max who has a pretty miserable life—his Dad is missing or dead, his older sister picks on him and his mom is pretty much working all the time then playing kissy face with her boyfriend. Finally, one day, Max explodes (which is pretty funny—he jumps on the counter when his mom is making dinner and yells, “Woman feed me!”) and runs away from home. He gets on a boat and winds up on an island inhabited by fake-puppet monsters with weird names. All the monsters are seriously dysfunctional and constantly fight with each other. There are more than a few sexual innuendos with the monsters as well, and some harsh language. They also try to eat Max, which is a pretty scary scene that caused my son to hide. Max becomes king of the monsters and one depressing thing after another happens until we finally leave. My son sums up the whole movie, “Everything bad happens Mom.”

After I left this stupid movie, my kids and I had a great day playing in the snow. I then took them to the grocery store and let them pick out any treat they wanted—which was cake mix with sprinkle frosting. So we baked a cake, listened to “Veggie Tales” and tried to have a normal night. I hope they weren’t too traumatized by Where the Wild Things Are…and I don’t even care how it ended.

My thoughts about this movie… Don’t bother! If you like Maurice Sendak, stick to Little Bear.

E.J., 2010.