“Be patient in the little things. Learn to bear the everyday trials and annoyances of life quietly and calmly, and then, when unforeseen trouble or calamity comes, your strength will not forsake you.”– Anonymous

Easier said than done! But staying calm, and acting from a place where you feel strong inside rather than triggered, does go a long way…

Feel free to post your tips on staying calm and bearing trials below.

Blessing, Evanlee

Some Ideas:

Exercise reverses the toll of stress and will also improve immune sytem
functioning, lower blood pressure and lift your mood.

Get enough sleep, on an average people need 8 hours of sleep every day. Improved sleep is closely linked to
improved health and mood.

Relax: Pray, read, listen to music, light a candle or spend time with friends.

Seek support: Reach out to others when you need help, Join a community ed class (dance, cooking, hobbies, tours, etc), Join a support group, Visit friends or family, Volunteer