This is what men will never understand, she realizes…

Their dishonor, men’s dishonor, can always be redeemed,
defeat followed by victory,
capture by escape,
escape by capture.
Up hill and down dale.

But women are dishonored once and for all.
Their only hope is to hide it.

To keep it to themsleves

Peter Ho Davies, author.
The Welsh Girl (p.271). Houghton Mifflin Company. New York, New York: 2007.

Summary: The narrator of this quote, Esther Evans, lives in an isolated Welsh village whose traditions have not changed for centuries until World War II, bringing refugee children, soldiers and the advances of modern life. Esther develops a crush on a soldier who rapes her and is shamed into silence. Esther struggles with the trauma of rape while the village views the soldiers as heroes– rugged men on an important mission. The consequences of the rape will forever change Esther’s life, her place in the village…and will shape her attraction to a German POW, a dangerous enemy that seems much safer than the soldier supposed to keep her safe.



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