Sophie is an incredibly cute little girl with two blonde braids that stand straight out like antlers and a spray of freckles on her nose but when she gets angry…waaaatch ooouut!

When Sophie Gets Angry” by Molly Bang is a colorful, child friendly book about a little girl who fights with her sister, has a tantrum and learns to soothe herself until she feels calm again.

There are alot of things I like about “Sophie”: The pictures are alot of fun, they almost look like they were made with fingerpaint. The book lets kids know it is okay to be angry, and shows them positive ways to deal with emotions . It’s an easy read that could appeal from an age group of 2-10. The book depicts family as warm and nurturing, and shows that when people disagree they can still find a way to get along (in a realistic language, not pie-in-the-sky ideals). Not to mention the author’s name is so cute..Molly BANG!

Her temper, is what makes Sophie so loveable. When my daughter read “Sophie”, her high, girlish voice was so cute dropping into a gruff tone , “Oh, Sophie is ever angry now!”  My daughter perfected the “Sophie” glare: chubby arms crossed over her chest, her eyebrows knit into a sharpened arrow, her lip pushed out in a tough pout. The tension lasted for but a second when we all fell on the floor laughing at this perfect depiction of “Sophie”.

My son loved to act out all the dramatic parts–Sophie stomping her foot when her sister stole the toy gorilla, roaring like a dragon, Sophie throwing her arms to run back into the warmth of home… Difficult feelings became funny and easy to talk about because of Sophie. When my kids read about Sophie’s tantrum and what she did to soothe herself  (they have memorized every line in the book!), it took time but slowly my kids were better able to identify when their feelings felt really big (hard to control) and when to ask for help. And I learned to listen to my children’s cues because they did not always have the words.

And for a child that has been abused, like my children have been, “Sophie” shows that anger does not have to be scary, you can control your feelings–and chose other ways of expressing yourself than hurting other people.

I highly recommend “Sophie“.

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Source: “When Sophie Gets Angry–Really, Really Angry…” by Molly Bang.   Publisher The Blue Sky Press – United States, 1999.

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