I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.  They have clung to me all my life.  ~Abraham Lincoln

Nancy Hanks Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s mother was Nancy Hanks Lincoln (Feb 5, 1784-October 5, 1818), wife of Thomas Lincoln. She also had a daughter, Sarah Lincoln and a son, Thomas Lincoln who died in infancy. Nancy Hanks Lincoln died of milk sickness (a condition caused by drinking milk from cows that ate poisonous plants) when Abraham was just nine years old.

Nancy Hanks Lincoln was known for being a strong voice in the family, with a bold, outgoing personality. She had an equally strong belief in her faith in God. Nancy encouraged Abraham to read and write (some sources say she taught him his letters); though Abraham would not get a formal education until he was an adult. She was also a skilled seamstress.

Abraham deeply mourned the loss of his mother, and helped his father make her coffin. She was buried on a small knoll near the family’s log cabin. Her gravesite is now part of the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial StateThis is the gravesite of Nancy Hanks Lincoln. Park in Lincoln City, Indiana.

Thomas Lincoln married Sarah Bush Johnston within the year, and her children moved into the family home. Sarah was said to have been kind to the Lincoln children and shared a close relationship with them.