A Christian family living in Iran is devastated after agents of the corrupt intelligence ministry kidnapped their adopted child, whose whereabouts are now unknown. The parents waited years to adopt this child, who was a greatly anticipated addition to the family, and well loved and cared for. The kidnapping has caused the parents tremendous grief, so much that they had to be hospitalized.
The Iranian government took the child in an attempt to get the parents to denounce, and openly name other Christians being held in prison. Mohabat News reports that the security agents threatened the couple, saying, “If you want your child back, you must file a complaint against your fellow Christians in prison.”
Persecution of Christians is common in Iran, many are thrown in jail under false charges, harassed and beaten. Please pray for this family, and the
persecuted in Iran.
Retrieved: 10/17/2011 from The Voice of the Martyrs
Title: Iran: Government Takes Child, Sept, 26, 2011