Have you ever lost sight of your child while shopping in a mall or a store? The panic begins with a racing pulse, eyes dart across the room…terrible scenarios race through your mind… Only when your child is in sight, then safely captured in your arms with their small, wriggly body held protectively against your heart, does your pulse begin to slow. Imagine then, what it would be like to have your children missing for 30 years with no contact, no clue of their whereabouts, and living every day with vivid nightmares of the moment they were stolen from your life. This scenario is real for many parents whose children have been kidnapped after high conflict custody battles. Paulette Moray is one of those mothers and in a miracle, she has been reunited with her children after 30 years.

On July 31, 1981, Moray’s two children a son Sasha, 2 and a daughter, Naomi, 4 were taken from the family home in Ilford, West London by a vindictive father, Max Moray, who kidnapped the children during the midst of an intense custody battle following their divorce. Moray desperately began searching for her children, tracking leads around the world without results. When Moray married new husband, George London, he joined in the search as a private investigator. London and Moray wrote a book about their efforts to find the children called “The Hunt”. In 2005, the couple found an e-mail address that lead to Max Moray, and then the children (now grown). Moray contacted the children and sent them a copy of “The Hunt” — she wanted to know she loves them, and never stopped looking for them.

The newly reunited family are looking forward to rebuilding their lives together, “We are both happy, bewildered, amazed, sad, intrigued and dumbfounded by all of this, but as you said the future can be ours – we intend to make it so happy to plan a future together.”

I am praying for Paulette Moray and her children, may God give you back the years the locusts have stolen away. And for all parents whose children have been kidnapped or taken by unjust court rulings, my heart and prayers are with you.


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