In a historic move for judicial reform, the Slovakian government has threatened to take Britian to the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) over serious concerns that Britian is unlawfully taking Slovak children, and separating families.

According to the Telegraph: ” So disturbed is the government of Slovakia by the number of Slovak parents who have lost their children in Britain in recent years that its justice ministry has posted a declaration highly critical of Britain on its website and says that, if a decision of the Appeal Court this Tuesday goes against one Slovak family, it will back an appeal to the Strasbourg court that Britain has acted illegally.”

The Slovak government is angry that British social workers traveling into Slovakia, and taking children (who have a British parent), from their family without just cause. Allegations also say the British government is removing children from foreign families who are in Britain, even on holiday (!!). Many of these children are being adopted out despite the objections of their parents, and without any real or legal cause to terminate parental rights.

According to the Daily Mail, social workers get a bonus for taking children & placing them up for adopted. The rates of children removed from their homes and placed for adoption is alarming, as of 2008, “The number of babies under one month old being taken into care for adoption  is now running at almost four a day (a 300 per cent increase over a decade). In total, 75 children of all ages are being removed from their parents every  week before being handed over to new families. Some of these may have been willingly given up for adoption, but critics of  the Government’s policy are convinced that the vast majority are taken by  force.” Fit, loving parents are losing their children for non sense reason whil government officials are making handsome profits. :

According to the Daily Mail: “John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP campaigning to change the adoption system,  said yesterday: “I have evidence that 1,000 children are wrongly being seized  from their birth parents each year even though they have not been harmed in any way.”
It is illegal for parents to talk about what is happening, so all of this is happening in secret. Infants and young children are especially desirable, there are even reports of children being taken from maternity wards. Others are targeted before birth, and proceedings begin to terminate parental rights while the mother is still pregnant.

This is only going to change if we shed a blinding light on what is happening in Britain and demand reform with a loud, unified voice. For the children and families involved we must not be silent! Please post your comments and ideas below, you can remain anonymous.

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child-snatching by Christopher Booker”, The Telegraph.

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