October 5, 2012: The four sisters, ages 9-15, were ordered by a Family Court to return to Italy, their former home & now battle ground for a heated custody battle.  Justice Colin Forrest ordered the girls returned to Italy immediately, and in a nasty move meant to hurt the Mother, he cited the Hague Convention rules required he expedite the transfer. The girls had been pleading the Hague Convention rules should protect them,  by allowing the sisters legal representation to assert their rights & wishes before the Court.
When the children were forcibly removed from their home by the Australian Federal Police (AFP), their Mother chased the car down the street and was banging on the windows. The Mother was also at the airport, helplessly watching as her daughters were being flown out of her life, crying out to them, “I love you, baby!”
The girls have loudly protested the move, shocking the world with their desperate pleas for help

The elder two were also due to be on that flight but were taken off because of their behaviour.

They were reportedly upsetting other passengers by screaming and kicking before the flight left and four federal police escorts were unable to restrain them.”

 According to the great-grandmother, “‘‘It’s not over, those girls were terrified last night, they were scared out of their wits,’’ she said. ‘‘They were kicking, they were thrown on the ground.”

Footage shows the girls kicking Australian Federal Police officers trying to escort them to a car.  One screamed ‘‘leave me” and another screamed “no, you’re going to hurt me”.

 One of the younger sisters screamed “I want my mum, I want my mum” as officers dragged her by the arms.

The Mother of the 4 girls is considering taking up the fight in Italy but as of now, has no money to fly there–no way to support herself in Italy & fears harassment from local villagers. The family is absolutely devastated.

 Please continue to pray for this family. Leave a comment if we can be of help, write letters, anything… xoxox
Source: “Four sisters’ family consider taking legal fight to Italy” , October 5, 2012. The Age, Staff Reporters.
UPDATE: The four sisters are now in Italy, the fathers has separated the girls stating that the older sisters are a “bad influence” on the younger girls.
Nine Network News aired footage of the sisters at their father’s home, begging for help, and the father coming outside to drag one back into the villa. The father is refusing to allow the mother any contact with the sisters.
“Australian journalists were at the house today filming and they (the girls) were yelling out ‘help, help’.
“Particularly watching the father dragging his 14-year-old daughter back to the house … is extremely distressing beyond belief for any mother to witness.”
In Australia, the Mother, with the support of her family, vows to continue the fight to bring her girls home. She is filing a complaint against the AFP for their rough treatment of her daughters.
The Mother has received support from Hon. Alex Somlyay, “MP” of the Sunshine Coast (Member of the House of Representatives) who believes the girls were not kidnapped,  but moved for permanent resettlement on the Sunshine Coast.
Further, “Mr Somlyay said the process was “not fair” for the mother.The mother was three times denied Legal Aid and forced to defend herself initially in the court.The father, by invoking Hague anti-abduction rules, had the weight of Commonwealth-paid lawyers.

Errors in the mother’s handling of the case led to a critical declaration of an Italian witness not being presented in proper form for the court. It claimed the father, at the time he signed the children’s passports, was looking for work in Australia and intended to move here with the mother and children.”

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