Am I the only one who sees this story as a horrendous form of abuse & judicial corruption? The wife and baby are victims,,they deserve our sympathy & support.

Jian Feng, of China, is horrified after his wife gave birth to a girl child, he first accuses her of cheating, and forces her to perform a DNA test on the child. Feng says the child is “too ugly” to be his. Is this not the most horrendous thing you can say!?!

When the DNA test proved the baby is Feng’s (he was probably yelling and being nasty & posing a threat to the one is reporting her side of the story!), he wife caves in & reveals that she had plastic surgery before they met. The wife is still beautiful before the surgery..there is not an obvious difference except in one picture she is wearing make-up, and her eyes look larger. Feng then files for divorce, claiming the wife used deception to trick him into marriage, and wins a $120,000 judgment against his wife!

The problem with this story is that the wife’s side of the story is completely excluded, and we do not know if Feng is paying child support or has visitation. There is alot missing…

In China, a boy child is more valuable than a female. A boy is considered useful. A boy brings status. A boy continues the family line. Boys are strong, they work. These are all powerful beliefs in Chinese society that make parents pray for a boy child, and despise a female baby..risking that she will be killed, thrown away, or abused. And with the restrictions on the number of children you can have (no more than 1 or 2 children), female babies are often aborted in gender selection abortions or abandoned. Millions of nameless, unloved baby girls in China are disappearing. An estimated million girl fetuses are aborted every year in China, and tens of thousands abandoned. I think this jerk divorced his wife so he can remarry and try for a son.

According to Adam Brookes of BBC News,For every 100 girls registered at birth, there are now 118 little boys – in other words, nearly one seventh of Chinese girl babies are going missing…We already have about 20 million boys who will never be able to marry because there aren’t enough women. “That number rises by 1.5 million every year.”


I feel very badly for the wife & daughter. No one deserves to be treated like this. As a single mom, how is she supposed to pay this huge judgment? Shame on the judge!


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