Sept 2012: True Story of Justice in Family Court

In Orange County, California, a Family Court Judge wrote a 10 page opinion that concluded with a Protective Mom being awarded sole legal and physical custody because the father was found to have “severe and unresolved anger and hostility”, that often was projected onto their 12 year old son. The child suffered from the emotional abuse he endured.

The father made various false allegations of child abuse against his ex wife (the mom) in court, and to law enforcement. The Court took away nearly all of the father’s visitation, including overnight visits.

Attorney for the mom, Orange County divorce lawyer, B. Robert Farzad, partner at Farzad & Mazarei comments on the case: “We were not mother’s first attorney on the case. When we came into the case, we were disappointed with what we saw had occurred prior to our representation. Therefore, we pushed the case forward and to trial immediately when settlement discussions failed. This was an emotionally difficult trial for my client but, in the end, justice was done and this young boy was protected.

The false allegations and emotional battering extended the length of litigation. The Court also awarded the Mom $60,000 in attorney’s fees.

B. Robert Farzad encourages other parents facing abuse and legal challenges to keep fighting to keep their children safe, “It takes courage for a parent in a family law case to defend false allegations and take the case to trial. A parent falsely accused has the choice to fight or surrender. Many don’t have the will to take the case to trial when the other parent won’t relent. Our client did and, with our representation, her son is now protected from further abuse and she is protected from more false allegations against her.”

“A Father Who Made False Allegations of Child Abuse in Orange County Family Court Against His Wife Loses Custody and Visitation of His Son” by B. Robert Farzad, partner at Farzad & Mazarei. 9/19/2012. http://www.prweb.com/releases/orange-county-divorce/lawyer-robert-farzad/prweb9908677.htm

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