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WHAT: Minnesota Parent helps parents to find a Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) by offering a directory and user ratings.

Please Use Discernment, and if Possible Check the PTE with Other Sources: Minnesota Parent doesn’t require registration, anyone can review or comment.

While most reviews, on the surface, seem honest there are some people who disagree and enter several reviews to throw the overall rating, or who make unfounded allegations. Minnesota Parent does not have a way to address this but they do moderate reviews.

* Don’t spam the site – Duplicate or unrelated posts will not be published and not count toward ratings.
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A general “rule of thumb” is to address the most important issues, or what you liked best about the PTE. Try to stick to issues that can be verified, or that you have proof of if you are making a complaint.

Selecting a PTE can be a daunting task, although sometimes the court will simply appoint one…PTE can have a strong influence on your family, and once appointed, there is little that can be done, outside of court action, to correct a poor decision. Finding the right PTE can save your family turmoil and a lot of money.” — Minnesota Parent