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Queen New York October 2013: After “dozens” of police reports and multiple complaints from neighbors, four children have finally been rescued from a disgusting home overrun with animals (who were also being abused). The home is described as being filthy, and the children have witnessed violent arguments between their parents.

Crammed inside an apartment on Richmond Hill occupied by Jasean Holmes and his wife (unnamed) were four children between the ages of 7-11, five adult pitbull terriers, ten puppies, two boa constrictors and a lizard. Animal excrement and trash are reported to fill the apartment.

The neighbors repeatedly complained about the fighting, abuse of the children and abuse of the animals.. it is unclear why the authorities did not intervene sooner. The neighbors witnessed multiple incidents of fighting and/or domestic assault. The neighbors witnessed multiple incidents of abuse towards animals. The neighbors reported that the dogs were beaten if they did not do tricks when asked. There is a report when that when the boa constrictors escaped, Holmes would send a child to climb a tree to retrieve it. Other reports state that if the children “misbehaved”, snakes were put on their body.

Police were called to the apartment on numerous occasions, occupied by Jasean Holmes (29) and his wife (unnamed). There were various reports Holmes was physically abusing his wife, and also beating the family pets. Police did not act because the wife would not press charges.

Police finally arrested Holmes after EMS responded to an emergency call involving a dog bite. EMS then witnessed Holmes beating his wife and kicking a dog. Holmes was charged with “acting in a manner injurious to a child”, aggravated cruelty to animals, torturing or injuring animals and assault against his wife. It is unclear at this time if the wife is facing any charges.

The children were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and then placed with protective services. The animals taken in by the Animal Care and Control Dept. Some of the dogs are reported to be aggressive (another safety concern for the children) and may need to be put down.



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