March 2015, PA: Police Chief David Souchick (of Edwardsville) was fired for ditching the duties of his job to rendezvous with his mistress. Souchick is a 28-year veteran of the force who was chief since July 2007.

Former Chief Souchick

The Citizens’ Voice obtained a termination letter through a Right-to-Know request. According to the Citizen’s Voice, The termination letter accused Souchick of traveling 10 minutes away from the borough for hour-long visits to the woman’s home about 30 times in 2013 and 2014. Souchick never notified 911 or other borough police officers where he was during the trips, the letter says.” On several occasions, Souchick also ignored emergency dispatches from Luzerne County 911.

Sleazy Souchick also sent racy messages to the mistress on duty using his work email and a borough computer, the termination letter says. Souchick called and texted the mistress from two phones — one phone he kept secret from his wife and the other was personal cellphone used for work, the letter says. Messages also indicated that Souchick threatened to kill himself to get sympathy and attention from the mistress.

Borough council voted 6-1 last week to fire Souchick for “inefficiency, neglect, intemperance, immorality, disobedience of others or conduct unbecoming of a police officer. The Fraternal Order of Police, Wyoming Valley Lodge 36, plans to fight Souchick’s firing.

Officials: Fired Edwardsville police chief left borough to meet mistress – News – Citizens' Voice.