Source: ABC News – Oscar Pistorius Leaves Court

Johannesburg, South Africa: Oscar Pistorius will be released from the maximum security Kgosi Mapuru II prison on October 20th, after only serving 10 months after being convicted of manslaughter in the brutal death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. It was believed Reeva was preparing to leave Oscar, and end the relationship, when she was murdered.

The parole board decided to release Pistorius even before he served a sixth of his sentence, as required by law. Pistorius will be moved to correctional supervision, a form of house arrest. He will be staying with an uncle, living in a posh mansion.

Pistorius says that he wants to work with children. (Shudder) I think that all women and children should avoid Pistorius.

South African state prosecutors have filed an appeal to overturn the manslaughter charge, claiming the killing was intentional, and seeking a more severe charge.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Rest in Peace Reeva Steenkamp. Before her death, Reeva planned to give a speech about domestic violence, and offer her insights after being involved “in an abusive relationship in the past”. Reeva never had the opportunity to give her speech, but we can all carry on her memory, by raising awareness against domestic violence, and working to prevent abuse.

My thoughts: THIS IS NOT JUSTICE! Oscar Pistorius is an abuser and cold blooded killer, he deserves no less than life in prison. He gunned Reeva down, while she was locked in a bathroom, a place she could not escape from as he fired his gun through the door again and again and again.

The public will be at risk with Pistorius released from jail. Domestic violence is almost always a repeat offense. Perpetrators abuse and commit violent acts again and again. Pistorius has served 10 months in jail, and certainly has not shown any remorse for his crimes, nor accepted responsibility for his role in Reeva’s death. Even now he plays the victim

Justice should be enforced by the public, in a strong show that domestic violence, and murder, will not be tolerated. Do not support Pistorius! Do not buy any books or media he produces. Do not watch his TV interviews or buy magazines that he has interviewed with. Do not attend public events in which Pistorius is featured. Do not support charities that endorse Pistorius. Pistorius should be publicly shunned.


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