Child Abuse

Another story of family court injustice.. abusive drug addicted father gains sole custody of infant twin children, who are forcibly separated from their mother, and forced to endure 10 years of horrific abuse and neglect.

Twin siblings Georgia and Walker “Patterson” Inman III, heirs to a multi-million dollar estate, survived a horrific life of abuse at the hands of their father, Walker Inman Jr. Georgia stated she didn’t think she would survive the abuse. The family court ruling did not serve the best interest of the Inman children and in fact, endangered their lives and subjected them to 10 years of abuse.

Walker is accused of squandering their fortune and inflicting brutal mental and physical abuse on the children. His fifth wife, Daralee Inman, was also accused of abuse–and found to have committed physical abuse on the children by the South Carolina Department of Social Services (in 2011). Friends and associates connected to Walker are also accused of abuse and stealing from the estate. The children were also subjected to severe parental alienation, and led to believe their mother abandoned them–and made to fear Daisha Inamn. After the death of Walker, Daisha, was finally able to regain custody of her children. Freed from years of abuse, the children have been reunited with their mother and are working to rebuild their lives as a family, together.

Marriage Ending in Custody Nightmare

In 1996, Walker married his 4th wife, model Daisha Lorraine Williams, the twins were born a year later. The marriage was troubled, and didn’t last long. Daisha claims that Walker took off the children in 1999, while they were on vacation, leaving Daisha behind, then went into hiding. Daisha did not her children for several months then was served with a notice to appear in family court–Walker was seeking a divorce and sole custody of the twins. In 2000, the Court awarded sole custody of the twins to Walker, both were just 2 years old. Daisha alleges that Walker bribed court officials to get a favorable custody ruling. In the heated custody battle Walker claims that Daisha was a mentally unstable topless dancer unfit for custody. Walker was found, with evidence, to be a heroin addict who went through women like kleenex, marrying and divorcing a total of 5 women. With a record like that, you have to wonder how anyone would take seriously Walker’s judgment of women??

According to the Post & Courier, “A court-appointed guardian in Platte County, Wyo., concluded that the children would be better off with Inman despite his history of “multiple marriages for short durations; his drug, alcohol and cigarette use; limited parenting experience and prior parenting mistakes; and his unusual, perhaps dysfunctional, upbringing,” court records show.

Note all of these risk factors mentioned by the Guardian (multiple marriages, substance abuse, lack of parenting experience, parenting mistakes, history of family dysfunction) would and should justify no custody, and supervised visitation, until Walker could prove that he is drug free and could provide a safe, and stable environment for the children. There are laws a court has to follow to protect children from abuse, and parents who may endanger them. When a parent is found to be that dysfunctional, and poses a safety risk to the children, the Court usually recommends a course of action for the parent, and there is usually some monitoring by an involved professionals. In those cases, parents are referred to supervised visitation in a safety center. The court can revisit custody at a later time by issuing a temporary order, or may order sole custody to the other parent. This court ruling does not make sense–unless you assume that the court is corrupt, and not acting on the best interest of the children.

Daisha continued to battle for custody and visitation time with her children, in 2009, her case reached the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Allegations of Abuse Walker Inman Jr.

Walker Inman Jr. was an eccentric figure–he was gourmet chef, a world traveller and collector of weapons (knives, guns, grenades–many are highly collectible and valuable). Walker was also an expert in explosives. In happier memories, Walker enjoyed showing his son how to blow things up (cars, trailers, fireworks etc.), this became a hobby for them. Walker was also said to have brought grenades and guns to school, to show the other children in “show and tell”. The family also enjoyed exotic pets (a lion, an alligator, a camel), and going on luxury vacations. But the good times were few and far between.

Supporters of Walker and Daralee Inman claim abuse never happened, and that the children were well cared for.

Walker was known to be heavy into drugs–heroin, methadone and strong narcotic pain pills were favorites.

After Walker won sole custody, there were several calls to the police and social services on behalf of the battered twins but the system failed to take any real action to protect the children from their abusive father and stepmother–who were never brought up on charges.

The Department of Social Service (DSS) in South Carolina had 3 separate complaints about Walker’s abusive treatment towards his children, and they also failed to take any actions to keep these children safe. In the summer of 2008, the manager of the Greenfield Plantation, Mike Todd called DSS because he felt the children were not being properly supervised, and were playing in an area home to a 12 foot alligator.Todd said he saw nothing to indicate that DSS investigated the case. The children claim they saw their father paying off officials to close the case, to not investigate.

Later that summer, police were called when a woman reported that she saw Walker screaming at his daughter and hitting her in the head. Walker admitted to hitting his daughter to the police. The police were called but there was no investigation, no intervene, nothing to assure the safety of the children.

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The State of Wyoming also failed to investigate or file charges on behalf of the children. Their home life was so terrible that the children considered suicide as a way to escape.

The children grew up in luxurious plantation estates, but spent time locked in a dark basement covered in feces and filth. Alternately, the children were locked into their rooms with a deadbolt. With no access to a bathroom, the children were forced to relieve themselves in the corner, and the room reeked of excrement. At times the children were starved. Nannies in charge of their care came and went–an estimated 57 nannies were hired to care for the children, some could not stand the conditions in the home and left as little as a day later. Other nannies were accused of abusing the children, including one who is alleged to have forced the children to play a game of Russian Roulette with a loaded weapon.

The daughter also recalled being dunked in a bath of boiling hot water by her father, and feeling her “skin melting away”.

In another incident, Walker set off a teargas grenade in his house to teach his frightened children a “safety lesson”. “I never asked to be born into any of this,” Georgia said during an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, “Sometimes I wish I was never born.”

These children should have been protected by the Court, Police, or Social Services and placed into a safe home environment. In separate statements, both Daisha and the twins claim that Walker paid these people to look the other way to the abuse that was happening to the children. Indeed, you have to wonder why so many failed to intervene, and rescue these children.

Allegations of Abuse: Daralee Inman

Walker married a 5th wife, Daralee in 2001. Daralee has been convicted of felony drug charges in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. In June 2007, Daralee was pulled over by a state trooper in Wyoming for driving erratically, both children were in the car with her. Daralee told the trooper she had smoked marijuana; the trooper found pot, crystal meth and hash in the car. Daralee pled guilty to drug possession and was ordered into drug treatment.It is unclear why child protective services did not intervene and investigate.

Daralee is also accused of abusing the twins. In April 2011, the South Carolina Department of Social Services found that Daralee had physically abused her step-children.

After Walker died in 2010, Daralee petitioned the court to become guardians of the twins. Her petition was denied and in August 2010, Daisha finally won custody of her children.

Daralee has refused to publicly comment on these allegations but has said she thinks Daisha is coercing the children to make up stories about the abuse. She did file a slander lawsuit against Daisha due to her allegations that Daralee abused her children, that suit was withdrawn.

The twins are looking into the possibility of criminally prosecuting Daralee for the abuse they endured at her hand. Complaints were filed with the police but as of yet, there has not been enough evidence to move forward with charges. However, DSS is investigating the claims.

Just a Thought: When a parent is alleged to be negligent in the care of the children, to be abusive or to provide an unsafe home environment,the court would and should intervene to protect the children. Daisha was already involved in the court process–once she alleges there is abuse in the home, a drug addicted parent or any other risk of physical or mental harm to the children, the court has an obligation to remove the children from the home, changing custody if necessary. Child protective services should also have been involved. So what happened? I believe an investigation on the Inman case is necessary to examine the records and allegations to determine if how the court (and child protective services) responded was appropriate, and legal. Even though the children are now with their mother–if this court acted improperly, if officials were bribed, if there was injustice present that means other children and families are at risk. This should not be allowed to continue.

The Death of Walker Inman Jr.

Walker was found dead of a methadone overdose on Feb. 24, 2010, in a Colorado hotel (no one knows why he was in Colorado). Daralee fought to obtain guardianship of the the twins and lost. In August 2010, Daisha finally won custody.

Daisha went to rescue her children, sending ambulances to the home, because they were so resistant to her yet desperately in need of help. The children were deeply affected by parental alienation, and had to be hospitalized for 3 months in the Wyoming Behavioral Institute to re-stabilize them from years of abuse and neglect, and work on healing their relationship with their mother. The children were told by Walker that their mother abandoned them for the street life–that was was a druggie and a prostitute. Upon reunification, the children were extremely hostile towards Daisha–at times aggressive or swearing at her. Daisha worked to regain their trust through therapy and slow, gradual visits. Daisha says that when her daughter saw that she keeps pictures of the children in her purse, from the time they were babies, it helped break the walls keeping them apart–her daughter say her mother’s love and became less resistant. A social worker stays with the family 10 days a month to continue the therapy. The family has participated in counseling to cope with the abuse the children have experienced, and to help transition into home life with their mother.

The Struggle to Rebuild

Certainly, Daisha has struggled in the past. If she worked as a stripper in the past, that should not be used against her because Walker married her anyways, and chose to make a family with her. The Guardian’s report from her court cases states (South Strand News) concerns that Daisha was paranoid and suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. Put that in context–most women involved in an abusive relationship, whose husband has run off with the children and she has not been able to see them, will present with emotional distress. These types of symptoms do not mean a mother should lose custody, and in fact signal that the home environment should be further investigated for evidence of abuse or other risk factors that could harm the children.

There are more recent allegations, that Daisha has left the children at home alone for days while she went on trips with a “friend”. Daisha is said to have married a convicted sex offender named Randy Williams in 2003, and although they divorced, they allegedly remain romantically involved. Williams was convicted of sexually abusing his step daughters from a previous marriage. Williams is also prohibited from having any contact with his son, who he was found to have sexually abused.

According to DNAinfo New York: “JPMorgan also claims a court recently entered a restraining order barring Williams from communicating with the Duke heirs — Walker Patterson Inman III and Georgia Inman — because of the threat he poses to them. The filing doesn’t specify where and when the restraining order was filed, or if it has been lifted…”

In another incident, Daisha was been charged with public drunkeness in May 2012, she claims her water was poisoned. The judge deferred sentencing for 6 months and likely will not convict Daisha if she stays out of trouble. Daisha is seeking therapy for the family, and stated she has a social service working living at her home for 10 days a month. This is a positive indicator that she is seeking help, and seeking to improve her situation. Clearly, someone needs to investigate the truthfulness of these claims (especially if there is a sex offender in the home), and if there is a safety risk to the children– but that does not take away from the suffering this family endured. The family court ruling did not serve the best interest of the Inman children and in fact, endangered their lives and subjected them to 10 years of abuse.

Certainly, Daisha has endured a struggle–surviving an abusive marriage that robbed her of her children, the grief of being separated from your children, and spending years fighting for custody in a system that seemed unresponsive, and enabled the abuse of her children to continue. I sincerely hope she gets support, and can heal from past so she can move forward to a positive, healthy relationship with her children–a happy future for herself.

The twins report that they now share a good relationship with their mother, and feel a close, loving bond with her. They are adjusting to a new private school and optimistic about the future.

Parenting Abused Children wishes the best for the twins, we are sorry to hear of your ordeal–and hope and pray you are safe, loved and able to have a fresh start at life. You have our love and support. xoxo

NOTE: My emphasis on this article is family court failures, I did not want to take attention away from the abuse or suffering of these children by talking about their inheritance, but as it is an important part of the story, that information is included below.

The Inheritance:

Daisha claims Walker fought so hard for custody because he needed an heir to his estate. As wealthy as the children are, they hardly realized it–and were severely deprived due to the abuse, neglect and forcible separation from their mother they found little joy in the rare comforts they were offered. A legal battled has ensued over this inheritance, and use of the trust fund, and is currently ongoing.

Twin siblings Georgia and Walker “Patterson” Inman III are surviving heirs to an inheritance connected to the tobacco fortune of American Tobacco Co., whose proceeding heir was Doris Duke. Their grandfather Walker P. Inman aka “Skippy” came from a family of successful Atlanta cotton merchants.

James B. Duke aka “Buck” was the founder and president of American Tobacco Co., makers of Lucky Strikes cigarettes. Buck married the paternal great-grandmother of the twins, Nanaline Holt Inman Duke, but they did not have children together. Buck’s only heir, was daughter Doris Duke, who inherited part of the fortune at age 13, when her father died. Though Doris Duke was next in line to receive the inheritance of her father, Buck, he did not trust women to run the business. Doris did receive a sizeable inheritance but the bulk of the estate was passed onto professional managers.

Buck’s second wife was Nanaline Holt Inman Duke, she came into the marriage with a son named Walker P. Inman. Buck never accepted Walker P. Inman as a legitimate heir but did pass on some money to Nanaline Duke, who then passed her inheritance onto her son. Walker bought a plantation in South Carolina, complete with a 10,000 square foot house. His heir was Walker Inman Jr. aka “Skippy”. In her will, Doris Duke set aside $7 million for a trustee to invest, with 5% of the balance going to Walker every year. After Walker died, the trust ended and is co-mingled in some charitable trusts Doris Duke established before her death.

Reports vary on the worth of the inheritance or trust fund that will passed to the Inman twins, its estimated worth is in the millions. Some reports say that the twins could inherit $14.5 million, each, when they turn 21. Others say the inheritance is worth $60 million. Still, others says the fortune is as high as a billion dollars. The bulk of the trust fund money is tied up in two properties, some valuables (jewelry, guns, antiques), sacks of hold and bars of silver. One of the properties is being used to host weddings as a way to generate funds for its upkeep.

Money Mayhem:

After the death of Walker, am intense legal battle ensued over the remaining estate, and the handling of the twin’s trust fund; this battle is ongoing.

Everyone involved in this case from the trust managers, to Daralee, to Daisha, to the attorneys and others has a vested interest–and has accused someone else of mishandling the estate.

Daisha has been accused of wasting away the trust, and spending money on excessive luxuries. Daisha vehemently denies these allegations, and claims she is keeping receipts to prove how every penny has been spent. Daisha is currently involved in a legal battle with JP Morgan Chase over the administration of the twins’ trust fund.

Randy Williams, convicted child molester and alleged romantic interest of Daisha, has also been accused of trying to get money from the trust fund. JP Morgan said it was so concerned about account activity, and how close Williams was getting to the twins that it placed funds in a Uniform Transfers to Minors Act account, which offers court oversight. JP Morgan also filed a motion with the court in 2013 asking that the court bar Williams from benefiting from the trust, and ban him from being able to access or manage funds.

There are allegations that people close to Walker are raiding the trust and stealing the inheritance of the twins. Daralee is accused of selling off valuable items belonging to the estate, and pocketing the proceeds.

There is also a battle over how the twins are being represented in court, with allegations that they are not receiving proper legal representation.

As of yet, these disputes have not been settled.

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June 4, 2013: Heath Campbell, 40, the deranged father who named 3 of his 4 children after prominent Nazi leaders, attended a court hearing in Flemmington New Jersey dressed in full Nazi regalia. Heath sported a Hitler style mustache and a huge swastika tatoo on his neck. Heath’s fiancee also showed up to support Heath wearing a bizarre Nazi uniform that looked like a white chef’s coat with a swastika ensignia on it and black pants with combat boots. Heath is the founder of a hate group also named for Hitler.

When asked if wearing the Nazi uniform would hurt him in the eyes of the Family Court judge, Campbell told a TV reporter, “Well, if they’re good judges, and they’re good people, they’ll look within and not what’s on the outside.”
(The Smoking Gun) Obviously the Judge looked at the facts and evidence in this case..maybe he did “look within” and saw what a monster Heath is, and made the right decision!

Heath first made headlines in 2009 when he and his estranged wife, Deborah, were reported to authorities when ordering a birthday cake for their son Adolph Hitler. Poor Adolph, and two other siblings, were taken into custody. Thankfully, the 3 oldest children were removed from these wack parents and have been adopted into loving families. The youngest child, born in Nov. 2011, was also taken into custody hours after his birth. All four children born between Heath and Deborah have been taken into custody. Authorities found the children suffered from unspecified (not released to the press) physical and psychological injuries, and the children are at risk of serious harm being in the care of their parents.

The home of Heath and Deborah sounds more like a dungeon than a place that is fit for children-windows were nailed shut, and the home was decorated with “unusual” items such as knives and skulls. In 2008, DYFS investigated the Campbells due to reports of domestic assault, and that the children were strapped into their high chairs for extended periods of time. The children were reported to be confined to areas of the home, and not allowed freedom.

Ex wife Cathy Bowlby testified that Campbell is obsessed with the devil and wanted to name his first born son “Lucifer”. Cathy instead named the child after his father (which is just as bad!). Throughout the marriage, Heath punched, raped, choked and threatened to kill Cathy. He would take Cathy to on rides to visit local cemetaries, and show her where she was to be buried. Heath controlled every aspect of Cathy’s life, she was not allowed to go outside alone and the windows to the home were nailed shut so she could not escape. The beatings were so brutal that she once miscarried.

Heath also abused their young son, and mercilessly tormented him. At the hearing, Cathy testified that Heath brutally punished her 2 year old son by shoving a vacuum inches from his facing, scaring the child so much, that when he sees a vacuum, he screams “bloody murder” when he sees a vacuum. The child has also been taught to hate, and repeat racial slurs.

Bowlby has two children with Heath, she managed to escape, and filed charges against him in 2002 and 2003 (including an incident where Heath threatened to hire a hit man to kill Cathy), took out a restraining order and moved to another state.

When taken into custody at age 3, Adolph Hitler Campbell, was aggressive and violent–threatening to kill his siblings and foster mother. Adolph is even reported to have taken a vacuum cleaner to his sister’s throat and threatening to kill her. He also calls women the “b” word.

There have been numerous domestic violence allegations surrounding Heath Campbell, in this relationship and others. One of Heath’s ex’s fled the state for her own safety. In addition, Heath has made numerous threats to kill people. Deborah left this note with a neighbor in case something should happen to her,””Hes thrend to have me killed or kill me himself hes alread tried it a few times. Im scare to leave b/c I will be killed. Im afread that he might hurt my children if they are keeped in his care… He’s already stabed me with a screwdriver in the hand… He teaches my son how to kill someone at the age of 3.”
Deborah since recanted the note, stating it is a lie and Heath is the “perfect guy”.

The madness continues.. Heath has 8 children with 4 different women. Heath cannot financially support any of these children and relies on public assistance. Heath drives a drives a green 1985 Pontiac Bonneville adorned with a swastika on its hood and Hitler stickers on the passenger side door.

Heath’s current fiancee Bethanie Rose Zito, 22, is now pregnant and they plan to give the baby a Nazi inspired name. Heath plans to hide Bethanie inside a Nazi compound in the Southern U.S. so authorities cannot take the child away, as they have done with his other children (because Heath is an unfit, abusive parent and in my opinion, an overall loser).

I applaud DYFS and the Courts for working to protect these children from their unfit, unstable and abusive parents. Thank you to the families willing to adopt these children and give them a loving home and a chance at a normal childhood.

To the women in hiding, I hope you are safe and able to make a fresh start.

For the Baby still in custody, I hope the State will do the right thing and terminate all parental rights and adopt you into a better home. And for the new baby, I am so sorry you will be born into this madness, I will pray for your safety, and that you are rescued.


“Girlfriend of N.J. man who named son Adolf Hitler is pregnant, will give baby Nazi-type name” by Jeff Goldman, 6/13/2013, The Star-Ledger:

“Heath Campbell’s ex-wife tells horrifying tale of beatings and abuse against their children as the Nazi-crazed father on public assistance fights to regain visitation rights to see Hons Heinrich, Adolf Hitler, Aryan Nation and Honz­lynn Jeannie” by Rich Schapiro, New York Daily News, 6/9/2013:

“Heath Campbell, Nazi Father Of Child Named Adolf Hitler, Fights For Custody Of Heinrich Hons” by Sara C Nelson, 4/6/2013, Huffington Post UK:

“New Jersey Couple Loses Custody of Son Named Adolf Hitler” by Barbara Goldberg, ABC News, 8/6/2010:

“New Jersey Man Who Named Son After Adolf Hitler Shows Up For Family Court Hearing Wearing Full Nazi Uniform” The Smoking Gun, 6/3/2013:

Am I the only one who sees this story as a horrendous form of abuse & judicial corruption? The wife and baby are victims,,they deserve our sympathy & support.

Jian Feng, of China, is horrified after his wife gave birth to a girl child, he first accuses her of cheating, and forces her to perform a DNA test on the child. Feng says the child is “too ugly” to be his. Is this not the most horrendous thing you can say!?!

When the DNA test proved the baby is Feng’s (he was probably yelling and being nasty & posing a threat to the one is reporting her side of the story!), he wife caves in & reveals that she had plastic surgery before they met. The wife is still beautiful before the surgery..there is not an obvious difference except in one picture she is wearing make-up, and her eyes look larger. Feng then files for divorce, claiming the wife used deception to trick him into marriage, and wins a $120,000 judgment against his wife!

The problem with this story is that the wife’s side of the story is completely excluded, and we do not know if Feng is paying child support or has visitation. There is alot missing…

In China, a boy child is more valuable than a female. A boy is considered useful. A boy brings status. A boy continues the family line. Boys are strong, they work. These are all powerful beliefs in Chinese society that make parents pray for a boy child, and despise a female baby..risking that she will be killed, thrown away, or abused. And with the restrictions on the number of children you can have (no more than 1 or 2 children), female babies are often aborted in gender selection abortions or abandoned. Millions of nameless, unloved baby girls in China are disappearing. An estimated million girl fetuses are aborted every year in China, and tens of thousands abandoned. I think this jerk divorced his wife so he can remarry and try for a son.

According to Adam Brookes of BBC News,For every 100 girls registered at birth, there are now 118 little boys – in other words, nearly one seventh of Chinese girl babies are going missing…We already have about 20 million boys who will never be able to marry because there aren’t enough women. “That number rises by 1.5 million every year.”


I feel very badly for the wife & daughter. No one deserves to be treated like this. As a single mom, how is she supposed to pay this huge judgment? Shame on the judge!


Sources:, “Chinese man Jian Feng sues wife over ugly baby, woman ordered to pay $120K”. by 11/02/2012.

BBC News, “China’s Unwanted Girls”. by Adam Brookes. August 23, 2001

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Miguel Morin (renamed Jaquan by his kidnapper) was kidnapped from his family at age 8 months by his godmother and babysitter, Krystle Tanner and her mother, Gloria Walker. Incredibly, after 8 years, Miguel/Jaquan has been reunited with his family.

My heart goes out to these children, it seems they have been through so much.. It is a miracle this child has been found and reunited with his family. I am praying for this family, and thanking God for this miracle.

Thank you to the police, prosecutors and jurors for their hard work on this case. And thanks to the Auguillard family for taking these children into their home, caring for them, and keeping these siblings together.

San Augustine, Texas

2004: Miguel Morin, 8 months, is kidnapped from his home by the babysitter and godmother, Krystle Tanner and her mother, Gloria Walker. Tanner and Walker renamed the baby “Jaquan”.

-Tanner claims she “bought” the baby from his biological mother, Auboni Champion-Morin and father, Fernando Morin. However, Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Gary Cunningham of San Augustine County felt there was significant evidence showing this was a case of kidnapping. Tanner and Walker lived on the run with Jaquan/Miguel for 8 years and kept him out of school to avoid suspicion. Jaquan/Miguel was abused & neglected, and frequently denied basic medical care.

-Child Welfare investigators said the Morins were uncooperative with the investigation when the child was reported missing, the Morins deny this.

April 2010: Krystle Tanner’s newborn son test positive for marijuana, and an investigation into her background begins, raising questions about Miguel/Jaquan.

Summer 2011- Krystle Tanner brings Miguel/Jaquan to the hospital for a leg injury and cannot provide any identifying information,or a social security number. A hospital staff member alerts social services, prompting an investigation.

March 2012: Authorities prove that Jaquan is the kidnapped child Miguel Morin, and arrested Tanner and Walker (who resided together). Jaquan/Miguel is placed into foster care temporarily.

Jan 2013: A Houston judge places Jaquan/Miguel with Junita and Joseph Auguillard, who are caring for the boy’s 4 siblings. The Auguillard family has had an agreement, for the last 10 years, to care for the Morin children ages 7-14. The Auguillard family is the legal guardians. The Morins are not commenting on the circumstances which led to the children being placed out of home.

Jaquan/Miguel has been told the truth about his family of origin and is in weekly joint theray sessions with his biological parents.

On Feb. 19, 2013, jurors found both Gloria Walker and Krystle Tanner guilty of kidnapping.

Gloria Walker was sentenced to 30 years for injury to a child and eight years for kidnapping. The sentences will be served concurrently.

Krystle Tanner, was sentenced to eight years for kidnapping and eight years for reckless injury to a child, to be served concurrently as well.

This is a complicated story, the Morrins are currently separated from all of their children, and working in therapy towards reunion. I sincerely hope the Morins get the help needed, and make the efforts, to maintain their relationship with their children, and get a fresh start to be a family.

Sources:, “Women Hid Boy for 8 Years: 2 Women Convicted for Kidnapping 8 Month Old Baby (VIDEO)” . Feb 19, 2013. Written by Jim Gardner, Christian Post Contributor:, ” Texas women hid boy for 8 years after kidnapping”. Feb 19, 2013.
Written by Associated Press:

Daily Mail Online,”DNA test on boy, 8, proves he IS the baby of couple who reported him missing in 2004 – but did they actually GIVE him away?”. March 22, 2012. By Daily Mail Reporter:–did-away.html

Abandoned & Diphilidated High Def Pictures

The hardest thing about returning my child back to the abusive father’s home, is knowing where they are going is not only unsafe but filthy as well…children deserve to be loved and well cared for. The home I provide is clean, safe & nurturing; yet I have lost custody. Where is the justice in that?

My children come from the father’s home and they smell horrible–I cannot describe the odor but it is like some kind of thick grease, it sticks to them. When I ask my kids when they last had a bath the answer is always “I don’t know”.
The children wear clothing that are several sizes too small, and clothes that are inappropriate for the weather (swim shoes on a snowy day) or that have holes/rips in them. The father put a woman’s bathing suit on my small daughter and the low dip in the front exposed my daughter’s chest and abdomen–and she was so embarassed she did not go swimming for most of the summer (I bought her a proper bathing suit). My son is being called names at school like “fatty” and kids are saying he has “boobs” because his clothes are too tight. When I buy clothes for the children, they disappear them in the mess at home.. My son said that the clothes “are lost in the laundry”. I am now teaching my young children how to do their own laundry.

My children come from their father’s house with various skin rashes. Thier teeth are crooked and discolored, even gums bleeding, and twice my child’s adult teeth have fallen out due to dental problems. They have trouble sleeping at night, with severe anxiety. These children clearly are not doing well, and it breaks my heart.

No child should be asked to clean up this kind of filth, even for $10..the child did not create the mess, the father did.
This goes beyond doing normal chores, this is exploiting a child’s vulnerability because the parent does not want to take responsibility. If you, as an adult, are so repulsed by your own mess–then it is even worse that a child should be asked to clean it up!

Shame on Family Court for allowing this to happen! Your judicial order is saying it is okay to neglect your children..and when I speak out I get in trouble. Actually now is an “improvement” because the GAL is just ignoring me, and refusing to return phone calls–rather than condemn me or call me “vindictive” for raising concerns.

My child told me the following:

Child: “Mommy, I got paid $10 to clean the bathroom!”

Mommy: “$10 is alot of money!”

Child: “But it was really dirty and Dad didn’t want to do it. You know how the floor has brown spots in it?”

Mommy: “Like linoleum?”

Child: “Yea it has brown spots and shapes n’ stuff..well you couldn’t tell the brown spots from the other brown stuff, it was all brown. It looked like poop. And the toilet had pee all around it, it was yellow. And the sink had hair in it. When Dad shaves he does not clean it out, there was hair everywhere and stuff stuck to it too..I cleaned the shower too. It was really dirty. Dad never cleans the bathroom but ____ was coming to visit so he had to.”

Mommy: “That’s really nasty, you know sometimes it’s good to help out but tough jobs should be left for grown ups.”

Child: “I know but he gave me $10!”

The Canadian Government released this free online guide titled “International Child Abduction: A Guidebook for Left-Behind Parents” that offers good information and help for anyone in this situation, and resources for parents in Canada.

Topics include:
– What you can do if your child is missing, what kinds of help you can find with the agencies you are reaching out to (police, school, lawyer, family/friends, consular services etc). And what information to offer these agencies when requesting assistance.
-Tips on searching for your child. Organizations that can aid you in your search.
-Obstacles you can expect, and how to cope with them.
-The Return of your child
How to manage a voluntary return
How and when to use the Hague Convention Rules:
-Filing criminal charges against the abducting parent, pros vs. cons, challenges, what to expect in court, etc
-Reuniting with your child- Getting used to each other, Psychological Issues, Legal Issues, etc
-Information and Documentation Checklist (this is very helpful and shold be kept on hand if you have concerns the other parent may abduct your child, or has made threats to)
-Search & Action checklist
-Warning signs of parental abduction
-Teaching your child how to contact you

The full article can be viewed at:

To obtain more information or free copies of this publication, write to:

Enquiries Service
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0G2
Tel.: 1-800-267-8376 (in Canada) or 613-944-4000

ALSO VIEW Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program

Parents may enroll their U.S. citizen children under the age of 18 in the Children’s Passport Issuance Alert Program (CPIAP), one of the Department of State’s most important tools for preventing international parental child abduction. If a passport application is submitted for a child who is enrolled in CPIAP, the Department attempts to alert the parent or parents to verify whether the parents approve passport issuance.

In a historic move for judicial reform, the Slovakian government has threatened to take Britian to the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) over serious concerns that Britian is unlawfully taking Slovak children, and separating families. According to the Telegraph: ” So disturbed is the government of Slovakia by the number of Slovak parents who have lost their children in Britain in recent years that its justice ministry has posted a declaration highly critical of Britain on its website and says that, if a decision of the Appeal Court this Tuesday goes against one Slovak family, it will back an appeal to the Strasbourg court that Britain has acted illegally.”

The Slovak government is angry that British social workers traveling into Slovakia, and taking children (who have a British parent), from their family without just cause. Allegations also say the British government is removing children from foreign families who are in Britain, even on holiday (!!). Many of these children are being adopted out despite the objections of their parents, and without any real or legal cause to terminate parental rights.

According to the Daily Mail, social workers get a bonus for taking children & placing them up for adopted. The rates of children removed from their homes and placed for adoption is alarming, as of 2008, “The number of babies under one month old being taken into care for adoption  is now running at almost four a day (a 300 per cent increase over a decade). In total, 75 children of all ages are being removed from their parents every  week before being handed over to new families. Some of these may have been willingly given up for adoption, but critics of  the Government’s policy are convinced that the vast majority are taken by  force.” Fit, loving parents are losing their children for non sense reason whil government officials are making handsome profits. :

According to the Daily Mail: “John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP campaigning to change the adoption system,  said yesterday: “I have evidence that 1,000 children are wrongly being seized  from their birth parents each year even though they have not been harmed in any way.”
It is illegal for parents to talk about what is happening, so all of this is happening in secret. Infants and young children are especially desirable, there are even reports of children being taken from maternity wards. Others are targeted before birth, and proceedings begin to terminate parental rights while the mother is still pregnant.

This is only going to change if we shed a blinding light on what is happening in Britain and demand reform with a loud, unified voice. For the children and families involved we must not be silent! Please post your comments and ideas below, you can remain anonymous.

Source: “Foreign government may take UK to European court over its ‘illegal’
child-snatching by Christopher Booker”, The Telegraph.

“How social services are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption”, by Sue Reid, Daily Mail Online.

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