The recent CBN report noted the Jugendamt dominates Germany’s family court system and it appears to take children ‘when it wants, from perfectly normal families.’ …”There is a system of persons, of social workers, of teachers, psychotherapists, who live on children being taken out of the family,” German psychologist Carola Storm-Knirsch told CBN. The report suggested some 80 children per day are taken from their parents. CBN reported the case of the German 7-year-old generated $8,000 a month for the state foster agency to which he was delivered.” –“German bureaucrats take children from abused U.S. mom” By Bob Unruh, June 12, 2010, WorldNetDaily.
A recent article written by Bob Unruh of WorldNetDaily exposes how corrupt German government officials are kidnapping children and placing them in state care, in what appears to be a hugely profitable racket that has destroyed countless families. And this is perfectly legal!
At the center of the allegations of corruption is the  German Jugendamt, the government youth welfare office, who has jurisdiction over families who home school children as well as cases of domestic violence.
A story of Domestic Violence and Jugendamt Corruption:
In the case of Phelicia Jackson, she is an American woman from Arizona who married a man with German citizenship ties, and had two children together. The marriage broke up due to reported allegations of domestic violence, the husband fled to Germany rather than to face the allegations in court. It should be noted that the most dangerous time for an abused woman is when she separates from her abuser–the intimidation, violence, and attempts to win her back will likely escalate as the abuser fights to regain control. It is not easy for a woman to escape abuse. That being said, Ms. Jackson eventually decided to reunite with her estranged husband and traveled to Germany with her children where the abuse began in another vicious cycle. Even worse, the children’s passports disappeared.
Desperate, Ms. Jackson called her father (a pastor) for help, and he urged her to go to the embassy. Ms. Jackson and her children were able to reach the embassy then were placed in a battered women’s shelter. Instead of receiving help, social services workers from the Jugendamt took custody of both children and put them in foster care. A day later, Ms. Jackson was ordered into court and lost her parental rights.  Ms. Jackson remains in Germany fighting against the Jugendamt to regain custody of her children. It does not appear the husband has been held responsible or criminally charged for domestic violence. Ms. Jackson was told she probably will not regain full custody of her children, but may be able to work out a deal to have some custody or visitation.  
Families who home school are also being persecuted by the Jugendamt and losing custody of children–many are seeking asylum in other countries.
A German law, enacted during the regime of Adolph Hitler whose tactics for brainwashing children were used throughout Nazi Germany, outlawed home schooling as being detrimental to the child’s social development. That is to say, it’s considered “child abuse” to home school. During Nazi rule, children were enlisted in the “Hitler Youth” and were asked to spy on parents, neighbors and friends for suspicious activity. Children were used to report Jews in hiding and participate in activities where Jews were persecuted or killed. Girls were encouraged to bear children to breed a superior Aryan race and other children were also enlisted as soldiers. State schools were used to indoctrinate children, even to spread anti-Semitic ideology that was responsible for the Holocaust, and to this day has led to the development of modern extremist groups who still commit acts of murder and terrorism. Considering this brutal history, it is appalling the home schooling law has not been abolished. It’s use has led to further acts of intimidation and harassment against the German people–it is responsible for the deliberate destruction of families, whose children are taken away simply because they choose to home school.
Stories from families who home school have alleged that the Jugendamt has placed parents in prison, put children in foster care or psychiatric facilities, and fined the parents thousands of dollars. Yet, those parents who comply with the law should be seriously concerned about what the government is teaching the children, and how much control the government has over their individual lives.
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